Krampus Defence Kit

Krampus is a beast-like creature found in the folklore of Alpine countries who punishes misbehaved children during the holiday season. We created the Grüppe AntiKrampus von Schladming, deemed ourselves members, and took the liberty of arming Swink's clients against Krampus. The Krampus Defence Kit includes everything a person would need to avoid being carried away in Krampus' burlap sack.

Designed in collaboration with Shanan Galligan, Yogie Jacala, Matt Riley, and Cam Wiegert while interning at Swink.

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Wisconsin Film Festival

This was a freelance project done for the Majestic Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin for their first annual Wisconsin Folk Fest. The festival hosted local artists such as Count This Penny, Dietrich Gosser, Pioneer, and Phox. Because all of the bands were local, I really wanted the poster to highlight the location and celebrate Wisconsin.

These posters were screen printed on 100# 12.5x19" French True White Speckletone Paper.

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Peeld is committed to providing truthful information on products to promote a movement in which producers are held responsible for their actions and consumers are educated about the products they buy.

Peeld is an organization that provides certification and RFID tags to producers. The producers place the tag on their products and when the products appear in stores, consumers can scan the tags and quickly access information about where the product came from, expiration date, distance traveled, production method, environmental impact and more, allowing them the ability to make informed decisions about the products they buy.

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SO Seeds

This packaging concept was designed for urban farming. The product is essentially a kit for growing one's own food in a situation with limited space and resources. The kit includes a biodegradable pot, a soil pellet, and a few seeds.

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Olukai Shoe Packaging Concept

Olukai is a brand that values the ocean and celebrates the cultures around it. It is a company that sells footwear for an easy-going, beach city lifestyle. I wanted this shoebox concept to envelope the hand-made feel of the shoes and provide the customer with a piece of the culture that the Olukai brand represents. This package is almost entirely re-used in its second life as a piece of wall art. The only waste is a 12” x 17.5” piece of corrugate.

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This is a package re-design project for a Spork. I took the existing product and made it more sustainable and more desirable for everyday use. I expanded the target market by reducing the quantity to 1 and designed a package that can be re-used as a way to store the spork when throwing it into your lunch bag or backpack that will keep it clean. A spork is a very convenient utensil and the packaging should increase its portability. The logo I designed for the hypothetical company also reflects the hybrid nature of the spork itself.

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Study Abroad Fair Signage
I designed a series of ten posters that were hung up around campus advertising the University of Wisconsin-Stout’s Office of International Education Study Abroad Fair. I used photographs that I took while studying abroad as well as photos submitted by other study abroad alumni to create the series. Along with the posters, I also designed a handout that was given to students as they passed through the university commons and yard signs that were displayed around campus on the day of the fair.